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2022 October 19 - 25 TOP3 [POLITICS]

In hope of advancing opposition party’s joint struggle, JCP Koike criticizes CDPJ head’s remark concerning constitutional revision

October 25, 2022

Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan head Izumi Kenta on October 21 at a CDPJ speech rally said, “The ‘Nippon Ishin no Kai’ party is a constitutional revisionist, but actually we are not much different from each other. The issue of the Constitution is not our decisive point of conflict.” In addition, he said that the Commissions on the Constitution in both Houses in the Diet can discuss Article 9 whenever it becomes necessary.

Asked about Izumi’s remark at a press conference in the Diet building on October 24, Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira said that the JCP always works to further develop the joint struggles of opposition parties with concerned citizens, and respond to people’s expectations as an opposition party.

Koike said that the resolution of the JCP 6th Central Committee Plenum, which was held in August, pointed out that the Ishin party, while calling itself an “opposition party”, holds a right-wing stance more aggressively than even the Liberal Democratic Party, which spearheads Japan’s huge military buildup, moves toward constitutional revision, and attacks opposition parties’ unified efforts. He went on to say that the resolution proposed that opposition parties squarely confront the Ishin party which is the supplementary force to the ruling LDP-Komei coalition.

Koike said that the JCP may choose to seek joint efforts with the Ishin party on individual issues, such as calling for democratic procedures in the Diet. On the other hand, Koike stressed, “As a basic political stance, the Ishin party obviously stands to play a supplementary role to the ruling force and thus the JCP is fully aware of the necessity to face off against the Ishin party.” “In this context, I have to say it’s impossible for the JCP to cooperate on issues related to the Constitution with the Ishin party acting as a strike force pushing for constitutional revision,” Koike said.

Furthermore, Koike referred to Izumi’s remark that there is little difference and no conflict between the CDPJ and the Ishin party, and pointed out, “This remark indicates a possibility of cooperation between the two parties regarding constitutional amendments. If he really thinks so, this will be a serious mistake.”

Koike also took up Izumi’s remark approving discussions on Article 9 at the parliamentary Commissions on the Constitution, and said, “Under the current government which succeeded the Abe/Suga governments in denying constitutionalism, there is no guarantee that discussions on a revision of the supreme law will be held in a fair and open manner.” Sounding the alarm bell, he said, “Considering that the parliamentary commissions are established to initiate constitutional revision, to allow the commissions to conduct deliberations on Article 9 will lead to opening a dangerous path to an adverse revision of this pacifist provision.”
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