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2023 January 25 - 31 [US FORCES]

JCP in Kanagawa urges governor to put stop to deployment of US military landing craft unit to Yokohama

January 26, 2023
The Japanese Communist Party Kanagawa Prefectural Assemblymembers’ group on January 24 submitted to Governor Kuroiwa Yuji a written request demanding that the governor work to stop the planned deployment of a U.S. military landing craft unit to the U.S. Army’s Yokohama North Dock.

The deployment plan came up in the latest Japan-U.S. Security Consultative Committee (“2+2”) meeting.

The JCP prefectural assemblymembers’ group in its document expressed objections to the plan by saying that the stationing of a new military unit at North Dock will lead to the permanent use of the facility by the U.S. military, which runs counter to prefectural people’s demand for the return of the U.S. military dock to Kanagawa. In addition, the JCP group pointed out that this military facility may become an enemy target in an emergency, causing damaging consequences not only to the massive number of people living in the area but also to administrative centers and industries in the city and the prefecture. Furthermore, the JCP argued that the setting up of the unit in question will enhance the functions of the North Dock installation which is currently used to ship and receive military supplies.

The JCP assemblypersons’ group stressed that the prefectural government has demanded the downsizing of U.S. military bases in the prefecture. They urged that the governor push the central government by such means as working together with the Base-Hosting Governors’ Association and an organization of base-hosting municipalities in the prefecture in order to overturn the deployment plan.

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