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2023 August 16 - 22 TOP3 [POLITICS]

'Ishin' party identifies with pro-Yasukuni forces

August 17, 2023
The head of the "Ishin" party, Baba Nobuyuki, in a statement issued on August 15 commemorating the end of WWII in Japan exposed the party's dangerous stance promoting "new prewar days".

Baba said, "Japan is virtually unarmed and self-righteously calls for war renunciation and pacifism. This cannot deter other countries' ambitions to invade our country. Japan has entered into a new security phase."

On the same day, 13 lawmakers of the Ishin party visited the war-glorifying Yasukuni Shrine.

The Ishin party was first inaugurated as a local political party called "Osaka Ishin no Kai". As Hashimoto Toru, the founder of this party and a former Osaka governor, said during an online program on July 29, nearly 90% of the founding members had belonged to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Among LDP lawmakers, they were especially referred to as the pro-Yasukuni force or Yasukuni School which beautifies Japan's past wars of aggression.

On February 26, 2012, a town meeting took place in Osaka City to discuss education reform with the Osaka Governor at that time, Matsui Ichiro (Ishin), and former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo (LDP) participating. The two figures hit it off with their mutual support for an Osaka ordinance to force public school teachers to stand facing the national flag "Hinomaru" and sing the national anthem “Kimigayo” at school ceremonies. Present at the town meeting, Yagi Hidetsugu of the pro-Yasukuni organization on educational reform praised the ordinance and said, "Following through with the intent of Mr. Abe, the attempt of Osaka should be referred to as the Osaka version of the 'breaking away from the postwar regime'."

The Ishin party is part of the pro-Yasukuni, anti-constitution, and rightist organization "Nippon Kaigi".

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