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2023 October 11 - 17 [POLITICS]

Shii answers questions from SME owners about JCP

October 12, 2023

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on October 11 spoke at a study meeting on politics held by small and midsize business owners in the Diet building.

After talking about JCP goals, Shii answered questions raised by attendees about the JCP.

Q: What kind of response would you have if China invaded the Senkaku Islands?

A: The only way, we believe, to resolve pending issues between Japan and China is “dialogue and consultation”. The 2014 Japan-China agreement confirms the mutual commitment to working to settle tensions in the East China Sea, which includes the Senkakus, through “dialogue and consultation”. Japan needs to carry out a diplomacy which gives concrete shape to past bilateral agreements. In March 2023, we published our own proposals, “For Positive Breakthroughs in Japan-China Relations”, in which we also call for calm “dialogue and consultation”.

Q: Do you envision a national defense organization after an SDF dissolution?

A: No. You may worry about “what if Japan comes under attack?” As long as such concern exists, the SDF will be maintained. To iron out the inconsistency between the SDF and Article 9 of the Constitution which stipulates the non-possession of war potential, it is necessary to reform the SDF to fit the ideal of the Constitution, and not adversely revise the Constitution. Only after the time is ripe when the political environment surrounding Japan becomes peaceful through peace diplomacy based on the war-renouncing Article 9 and after an overwhelming majority of the public feel safe even without the SDF can the first step be taken toward the full implementation of Article 9.

Q: Would you impose controls on free speech if media outlets criticized the JCP after you came to power?

A: There would be many reports about our party in power. If we see that the criticisms were groundless or unreasonable, we would make counterarguments. However, we will stand firm on the principle of “arguments to counter arguments”. We promise that we will never restrict free speech.

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