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2023 October 18 - 24 TOP3 [POLITICS]

Shii calls on all JCP Dietmembers to engage in active debate in extra Diet session

October 21, 2023

As the 212th extraordinary session of the Diet was convened on October 20, scheduled to end on December 13, the Japanese Communist Party held a JCP Dietmembers’ general assembly in the House of Representatives members’ office building.

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo at the assembly encouraged all JCP Dietmembers to proactively engage in Diet discussions and confront the Kishida government while presenting JCP policy proposals to promote the betterment of the country in areas of people’s livelihoods, peace, and national economy so that the general public can have hope for a better future.

At the outset, Shii demanded an immediate ceasefire regarding the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

He then talked about livelihood and economic issues, suggesting that the JCP “Economic Recovery Plan” be fully utilized in Diet debates. He said that in contrast to the Kishida government’s economic measures, the JCP plan meets public demands.

He pointed out that Prime Minister Kishida Fumio himself has to admit to the 30-year-long ailing economy contributing to people’s hardships. Shii criticized the Liberal Democratic Party government for continuing to promote economic policies centered on “cost cutting” for the interests of business circles. He said, “Let us hold the government to account for its mismanagement! Let us engage in serious discussions in order to make a drastic shift away from the decades-long cost-cutting economic practices!”

Regarding national security and foreign affairs, Shii warned about the danger associated with the acquisition of counterstrike (enemy-strike) capabilities and the planned arms expansion, both of which are in violation of the Japanese Constitution. He said that during the session, JCP Dietmembers will place special emphasis on peacebuilding through diplomacy. He noted that a military budget of 7.7 trillion yen is allocated in the budgetary request for fiscal 2024, and that the strengthening of functions of the Self-Defense Forces to closely coordinate with the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command is set forth for the first time in the budgetary request. Shii pointed out that if these requests are met, it will become possible for the SDF to use counterstrike capabilities under U.S. command and to participate in U.S. preemptive wars. He said, “We should make all Diet lawmakers and the general public aware that only through peace diplomacy in line with the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution can true peace be built.”

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