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2023 November 15 - 21 [WORLD]

Shii holds talks with Palestinian ambassador regarding ongoing conflict in Gaza

November 17, 2023

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on November 16 held talks with Waleed Siam, the Ambassador, Representative of the Permanent General Mission of Palestine in Japan, at the JCP head office.

Shii explained the JCP statement titled, “Stop genocide in Gaza – a call on governments concerned to work for a halt to military attacks and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza,” which was published on November 6, and called for efforts to achieve an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The ambassador said that he read the statement delivered to his office and found its contents important. Using photographs, the ambassador provided details of the damage in Gaza caused by Israel’s attacks, and said that such a devastating act under the name of self-defense is unacceptable.

The Palestinian representative expressed his gratitude for the Japanese government’s continued support. On the other hand, he pointed out that the Japanese government condemns Hamas but not Israel’s attacks. Stating that this attitude may harm the trust that Japan has earned in the Middle East, the ambassador expressed his hope that the Japanese government will review and revise its attitude.

Shii said that the JCP in the Diet has asked the government for the reason why it does not criticize Israel’s acts as a breach of international law and call on Israel to stop such acts, and why it does not support a ceasefire and truce but humanitarian pauses. He added that the JCP is working to change the government’s stance.

Shii noted that the JCP in the past fiercely condemned terrorism involving the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and argued with the PLO Tokyo office regarding this matter. He said that the JCP firmly maintains the stance to not tolerate any attack by any group against civilians.

Shii continued to say, “At the heart of the ongoing conflict is Israel’s genocidal acts. At the same time, the JCP denounces Hamas’ indiscriminate attacks. Hamas should release all hostages immediately. This is important in defending the Palestinian cause and increasing international public opinion against Israel’s lawless acts.”

In response, the ambassador said that the Palestinian Authority is in contact with Hamas and making efforts to realize the release of hostages.

The ambassador stressed that in order to settle the Palestinian issue, Israel’s removal from occupied Palestinian territories and the establishment of a Palestinian state are vital. Agreeing with the ambassador, Shii said that in addition to what the ambassador mentioned, there is another important principle, and cited the creation of a mutual recognition to respect the right to existence of Israel and Palestine. Shii suggested that Hamas shift its position which denies Israel’s existence.

JCP Vice Chair Ogata Yasuo also attended the talks.

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