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 JCP delivers over 5 million yen in donations to Japan-based aid organizations working in Gaza (June 1, 2024)
 Yamazoe urges gov’t to recognize Israeli ground invasion of Rafah as abuse of international humanitarian law (May 15. 2024)
 Hiroshima Hibakusha protest against Hiroshima City’s intent to invite Israel to A-Bomb Day event (May 12, 2024)
 Kokuta criticizes gov’t for merely following US (April 25, 2024)
 Yamazoe urges Japan to condemn Israel (April 24, 2024)
 Shii condemns Israel for ignoring international community’s call for restraint (April 20, 2024)
 Koike: Iran/Israel should refrain from military responses which may intensify tensions (April 16, 2024)
 Motomura: UNRWA role in Gaza is essential (March 30, 2024)
 Step up international pressure for full implementation of UNSC Gaza ceasefire resolution[Editorial] (March 28, 2024)
 Shii on X: Israel and US should comply with UNSC Gaza ceasefire resolution (March 27, 2024)
 Motomura demands that Japan resume its contributions to UNRWA (February 22, 2024)
 Tamura calls on Japanese gov’t to take action to prevent full-scale attack by Israel on Rafah (February 15, 2024)
 Shii criticizes US strikes on pro-Iran armed groups (February 4, 2024)
 Stop armed attacks that expand military conflict in Middle East[Editorial] (January 18, 2024)
 JCP deplores bombings by US and UK against targets in Yemen (January 13, 2024)
 Y3.5 million handed to WFP from JCP for food aid in Gaza (December 15, 2023)
 JCP welcomes the adoption of the UNGA resolution calling for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza (December 14, 2023)
 JCP condemns US for vetoing UNSC resolution calling for Gaza ceasefire (December 10, 2023)
 JCP donates over 8 million yen to Red Cross for humanitarian aid in Gaza (December 8, 2023)
 Shii: As demanded by UN Secretary-General’s letter, urgent action should be taken for immediate ceasefire in Gaza (December 8, 2023)
 Yamazoe: Japan, as party to Geneva Conventions, should criticize Israel for violating international humanitarian law (December 7, 2023)
 JCP Takahashi in talks with Arab diplomatic corps advocates immediate ceasefire in Gaza war (December 4, 2023)
 Shii comments on 4-day pause in fighting in Gaza (November 23, 2023)
 Shii on X condemns N. Korea’s launch of ‘military spy satellite’ (November 23, 2023)
 Kasai delivers JCP statement on Gaza crisis to Iraqi Embassy in Tokyo (November 21, 2023)
 Shii: US needs to demand that Israel stop bombing Gaza hospitals (November 17, 2023)
 Kokuta calls on Israeli ambassador to work to help achieve ceasefire (November 17, 2023)
 Shii holds talks with Palestinian ambassador regarding ongoing conflict in Gaza (November 17, 2023)
 JCP lawmakers hold talks with Egyptian and Iranian ambassadors regarding JCP statement on Gaza crisis (November 17, 2023)
 Japan’s responsibility as chair of G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting called into question (November 10, 2023)
 Shii criticizes G7 foreign ministers’ joint statement for not demanding immediate ceasefire (November 9, 2023)
 JCP calls on governments concerned to work to stop genocide in Gaza (November 7, 2023)
 JCP calls on int’l community to take urgent action to stop Israel’s attacks on Gaza (November 7, 2023)
 Cross-party female assemblypersons in Hiroshima publish statement calling for humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza (November 2, 2023)
 JCP donates over 8 million yen to UNICEF for humanitarian aid in Gaza (October 31, 2023)
 JCP welcomes the adoption of UNGA resolution calling for a humanitarian truce in Gaza (Octobe 29, 2023)
 JCP launches fundraising drive for humanitarian aid to Gaza (October 19 & 20, 2023)
 Peace activists rally in front of Israeli Embassy in Tokyo to call for immediate ceasefire (October 18, 2023)
 NPOs ask JCP to press gov’t to make immediate diplomatic efforts for ceasefire in Gaza (October 17, 2023)
 Shii calls for immediate ceasefire between Hamas and Israel (October 15, 2023)
 Shii statement on Hamas-Israel conflict sent to countries concerned (October 14, 2023)
 JCP Chair issues a statement on battle between Hamas and Israel, strongly calling for self-restraint to end vicious cycle of violence (October 11, 2023)
 JCP Chair condemns North Korea’s rocket launch and calls on Tokyo to work to establish a diplomatic channel with Pyongyang and resolve issues through dialogue (June 1, 2023)
 Myanmar Army should put into action '5-item agreement' made with ASEAN[Editorial] (April 19, 2023)
 Setting up a channel of dialogue with N. Korea is urgent task: Shii (April 14, 2023)
 JCP Chair on Russia’s decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus (March 27, 2023)
 Akamine delivers donations for Turkey/Syria quake victims to UNHCR (March 11, 2023)
 JCP entrusts Turkey/Syria quake relief donations to UNICEF (March 10, 2023)
 One year into Russia-Ukraine war, nationwide activities calling for Russia’s swift withdrawal take place in Japan (February 25 & 26, 2023)
 JCP Chair issues a statement on the UNGA resolution as Russia’s war of aggression marks 1st anniversary (February 25, 2023)

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