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2023 December 6 - 12 TOP3 [POLITICS]

Opposition parties agree on common agenda as put forth by Civil Alliance

December 8, 2023

The Civil Alliance, in the Diet building on December 7, urged the Japanese Communist Party and four other opposition parties to have the following 5-item agenda as their common policies in the next general election:

- Oppose military buildup as it ignores both the Constitution and public safety
- Implement economic policies which protect citizens’ livelihoods
- Realize gender equality and guarantee human rights
- Strengthen countermeasures against climate change and promote energy conversion
- Conduct fair and open politics based on adherence to constitutionalism

JCP Secretariate Head Koike Akira and the secretaries-general from the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, the “Reiwa Shinsengumi” party, the Social Democratic Party, the “Okinawa Whirlwind” discussed the 5-item agenda and reached an agreement on the agenda. This is a big step forward in rebuilding collaboration among opposition parties with concerned citizens.

CDPJ Secretary-General Okada Katsuya said, “Affirming the 5-item agenda, opposition parties are now again willing to join forces in the run-up to the general election. Let us pursue together a dramatic policy shift from that of the current government in power.”

In response to the remark Okada has made, JCP Koike, “The remark is a great reassurance to us. With a sharp drop in the approval rating for the Kishida government, it will be important for opposition parties to unite to replace the LDP regime with a new government. Our party will do our best to rebuild citizens-opposition parties’ joint collaboration.”

Koike at a press conference held after the meeting said, “It is significant that the first item states, ‘refuse Japan’s use of the right to collective self-defense and Japan’s acquisition of the capability to attack enemy missile bases’.”

Asked by reporters why the 5-item agenda does not mention cuts in the consumption tax rate, Koike answered, “The second item calls for ‘correcting the significantly-regressive tax system’. A reduction in the consumption tax rate is included here.” He stated, “In the forthcoming general election campaign, the JCP will pledge to lower the consumption tax rate and abolish the tax itself sometime in the future.”
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