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2024 January 24 - 30 TOP3 [POLITICS]

Tamura calls on all JCP Dietmembers to conduct active Diet debate representing public anger and leading to government change

January 27, 2024
The 213th ordinary session of the Diet was convened on January 26 and is scheduled to continue for 150 days. Japanese Communist Party Chair Tamura Tomoko at the JCP Dietmembers’ general assembly on the day said, “Let us conduct vigorous Diet debate that addresses the public anger and gives hope for a government change.”

Tamura called on all JCP Dietmembers to make an all-out effort, based on the JCP’s founding spirit of “working to reduce people’s hardships”, to support victims of the New Year’s Day quake that hit the Noto Peninsula. At the same time, Tamura criticized the ongoing support measures taken by the government as insufficient, and said that the JCP in the Diet will work to realize better support measures, including the expansion of the amount and the scope of subsidies for the reconstruction of individual houses and the improvement of financial support for affected business owners and for industrial recovery in the quake-hit areas.

Tamura said that whether to disclose the truth behind the unregistered fundraiser-income scandal involving Liberal Democratic Party factions and whether to realize a drastic political reform to root out money-power corruption will be the point at issue in this Diet session. Tamura said that it is necessary to push the Diet to play a role in achieving this, and expressed her determination to urge the Diet to summon all LDP politicians related to the creation of off-the-book funds, press them to submit off-balance sheets retroactively, and introduce a total ban on political donations from corporate and interest groups.

Tamura criticized Prime Minister Kishida Fumio for having no intention to change failed economic policies which led to the “lost 30 years”. She called on JCP Dietmembers to work hard to have the JCP’s economic revival plan reflected in the government policies.

Tamura pointed out that the government-proposed budget for 2024 allocates eight trillion yen to military spending which includes the cost for further deployment and mass production of long-range missiles. Stating that the dangerous nature of PM Kishida’s attempt to turn Japan into a war-fighting nation has become clear, Tamura called for fully exposing this fact through Diet deliberations and defeating Kishida’s attempt. At the same time, she appealed for the need to increase public support for the JCP diplomatic vision seeking to create an East Asia free of fear of war as a counter argument to the Kishida government’s move toward becoming a war-fighting nation.

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