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2024 January 31 - February 6 [POLITICS]

Shii: PM Kishida does not understand situation in quake-hit Noto

February 2, 2024
Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Representatives Shii Kazuo on February 1 said that Prime Minister Kishida Fumio “seems to be not aware of the serious situation” of earthquake-affected residents in the Noto Peninsula.

Shii said this in the Diet building when giving reporters his impressions on PM Kishida’s responses to the proposals Shii presented during his question time held earlier on the same day.

Shii said, “I proposed that ‘warm and nutritious meals’ be provided in evacuation centers, but Kishida talked about ‘meals that can be heated’. These may appear similar but are different. I suppose Kishida does not understand the serious situation at evacuation centers.”

Shii said he demanded that Kishida obtain accurate information about, for example, whether meals and other foodstuffs are served warm and whether makeshift beds reach all people who are in need in line with the Disaster Relief Act. The only answer Kishida gave was “We are doing it”, according to Shii.

Shii said that in response to his proposal for a rise in payments of Support Grants for Reconstructing Livelihoods of Disaster Victims, Kishida answered, “We are considering additional measures.” Shii expressed his determination to continue pressing the government to bring them into practice.

In regard to the nuclear power plant on the Noto Peninsula, Shii said he pointed out that the current emergency evacuation plan of the plant is infeasible. Shii added, “Kishida himself admitted to a possibility that the present plan may not be appropriate. He told me that the government will map out emergency responses, but I’m sure any of their plans would succeed.” Shii then said that the only way to protect residents’ lives from a nuclear disaster is the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.

Regarding the issue of the 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo, PM Kishida said, “I have not received any information that the need for post-disaster recovery would have an adverse affect.” Shii, however, pointed out that installation of temporary housing in the affected areas has just started due to a shortage of building materials and builders. He said, “Insisting that he hasn’t received detailed information, he won’t postpone the Expo. How arrogant he is!”
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