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2024 April 10 - 16 [POLITICS]

JCP Chair Tamura: Uruma citizens’ fight forces gov’t to give up SDF training field construction plan

April 12, 2024
Japanese Communist Party Chair Tamura Tomoko on April 11, commenting on the Defense Ministry’s decision to withdraw its plan to construct a Ground Self-Defense Force training field in Okinawa’s Uruma City, said this is a hard-fought victory for residents.

Defense Minister Kihara Minoru earlier in the day announced the withdrawal decision.

At a press conference in the Diet building, Tamura pointed out that the planned construction site, a former golf course, is located adjacent to residential areas and a youth center. She also pointed out that Uruma City in its postwar history experienced a major accident in which a U.S. military aircraft crashed in the city, causing many deaths and casualties. She said, “This is why citizens, regardless of ideology and political affiliation, were united and stood up against the plan to build a new GSDF training range.”

Tamura pointed out that the construction plan is part of the government policy to renovate and improve the existing SDF garrisons and bases nationwide for the purpose of turning Japan into a war-fighting nation. She stressed, “In order to prevent a similar plan from being drawn up again, it is necessary to go all out to thwart the Kishida government’s attempt to place Okinawa on the front-line in its military buildup strategy seeking a war-capable Japan.”

Tamura expressed her solidarity with all Okinawans fighting to oppose the construction of a new U.S. base in Nago’s Henoko district, and said, “The JCP will continue to work to expand our collaboration with a wide range of people beyond differences in thoughts, beliefs, and political positions.”

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