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2012 January 18 - 24 [WORLD]

Efforts needed to peacefully solve alleged Iranian nuclear issue

January 20, 2012
Akahata editorial (excerpts)

Iran has been speaking out against the moves of the United States and some European countries in their attempts to bring a halt to Iran’s uranium enrichment program. In response to the U.S. move to impose stronger economic sanctions on Iran, Iran has threatened to block the Straits of Hormuz, the marine transit channel for nearly 30% of the world’s oil. In response to this threat, the United States has issued a warning of the use of its full military might.

Any nation is not allowed by international law to present a threat to the safety of maritime navigation. The world’s governments should strive to find a peaceful solution to the issue.

The U.S. government has enacted a law to impose sanctions on other countries’ financial institutions that have relations with the Iranian central bank in order to further punish Iran for its alleged development of a nuclear weapon capability. The Obama administration is also pressing all nations to support an embargo of Iran’s oil.

It is, however, unreasonable for the United States to unilaterally force other countries to support an oil embargo outside the U.N. framework. This only intensifies the tensions with Iran and prevents a peaceful resolution of the issue. The world’s governments should now work together towards finding a solution through diplomatic channels.

At the same time, Iran should also increase transparency by fully cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency and prove to the world the validity of its claim that the country is enriching uranium for peaceful purposes.

Denuclearization of the Middle East is another important task that needs to be taken. The United States is, on one hand, denouncing Iran for its alleged nuclear development, but on the other hand, accepting Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons, the country most hostile to Iran. Such a double standard helps accelerate moves toward nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.

The Japanese government led by Prime Minister Noda is asking the U.S. to exempt Japanese banks from sanctions against Iran while giving full support to the U.S. position regarding the supposed Iranian threat. Japan should independently work for a peaceful resolution of the issue through diplomatic means.
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