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2012 August 1 - 14 [POLITICS]

24 Osaka City’s ward chiefs are all Hashimotoism advocates

August 8, 2012
Osaka City Mayor Hashimoto Toru on August 1 requested the city’s senior officials to “give full support” to his like-minded subordinates who have obtained positions as ward chiefs from outside the city government, describing them “my proxies”.

Osaka City has 24 administrative wards. Mayor Hashimoto said that he “chose” the heads of these wards from among the public because “they seem consistent with my values.”

Hashimoto has already strengthened their powers and upgraded their positions to the highest ranking positions among regular city employees next to the mayor and vice mayors (special city officials). In short, these ward chiefs have become the bosses of bureau chiefs who used to be the highest ranked officials among city employees.

In his reform plan, Hashimoto has drastically cut the budgets related to people’s daily lives. He expects each ward chief to put his reform plan into effect in such areas as the community bus service and community welfare services under the budgetary framework to reduce costs.

Yoshida Yasuto, who was once suspected of having a relationship with the Unification Church, has assumed the Sumiyoshi Ward chief position. He aspires “to transit our country’s tremendous history, tradition, and culture to children through incorporation of the mythology education.”

Hosoi Atsuko, the Joto Ward chief, blames the residents for “being irresponsible by only insisting on their rights.” She is attempting to force them to be “independent and self-sufficient”. She said, “I may make a request that will result in hardships, but please come to terms with my decisions.”

Nishinari Ward chief, Tominaga Masahiro, said he wants to “invite private enterprises to set up a casino in Nishinari Ward”.

It will be even more important to increase the movement urging not only Mayor Hashimoto but also his 24 appointed subordinates to defend people’s lives and communities.
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