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2012 November 7 - 13 [US FORCES]

No chance to unroot US crimes: US consul tacitly admits

November 7, 2012
Representatives of the Japanese Communist Party Okinawa Prefectural Committee on November 6 visited the U.S. Consulate General in Okinawa to demand that a U.S. airman, the suspect of the latest crime, be handed over to Japan.

Regarding the incident which occurred within just two weeks after a curfew was issued in the wake of a rape case involving two U.S. sailors, U.S. Consul-General Alfred R. Magleby said that there cannot be a 100% guarantee of proper conduct because they are only human.

He tacitly admitted that neither stricter discipline nor preventive measures can be enough to stop U.S. troops from committing crimes.

JCP member of the Lower House Akamine Seiken, also the chairman of the JCP Okinawa Committee, responded, “In admitting so, you’ve strengthened the argument that the elimination of the U.S. bases and the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty is the only way for a fundamental solution.”

He added, “The U.S. will face harsh criticism,” if Washington ignores the demand of 70% of Okinawans wanting a review of the bilateral alliance.

The JCP representatives also visited the Okinawa Liaison Offices of the foreign ministry. Ambassador to Okinawa Takeuchi Haruhisa said, “The U.S. side says it will fully cooperate with investigations, so I’d like to wait and see the development of the investigations.”

The ambassador could not clearly respond to Akemine asking why Japan does not seek the handover.
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