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2007 September 19 - 25 [POLITICS]

Fukuda elected as LDP president

September 24, 2007
On September 23, former Chief Cabinet Secretary Fukuda Yasuo was chosen to succeed Abe Shinzo as Liberal Democratic Party president in an election in which LDP Dietmembers and prefectural organization representatives took part.

At a press conference after the vote, Fukuda said, “I would like to vigorously push forward our policies while gaining the trust of the public.”

Asked by reporters to comment on Fukuda’s election, Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on the same day said that throughout the election campaign Fukuda failed to indicate how the LDP will respond to the rejection by the public of the LDP-Komei Party policies as shown in the recent House of Councilors election, what it should reflect on, or what it should change.

Shii pointed out that Fukuda repeatedly called for continuation of the “structural reform” policies that have increased poverty and social disparities as well as the extension of the overseas dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces in response to U.S. government demands, revealing his willingness to stick to policies that the public rejected.

The JCP chair stressed that the new LDP leadership will inevitably reach a deadlock sooner or later as long as it disregards public opinion and clings to the failed political course.

Shii said that the JCP will make efforts to confront the new LDP leadership and have it dissolve the House of Representatives for an election as early as possible. “While striving to defend the interests of the public in dealing with urgent issues concerning living conditions and peace, the JCP will put forward policies for a new political framework rooted in the public that will challenge the LDP-Komei policies and achieve progress in the next House of Representatives election,” said Shii.
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