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2007 July 11 - 17 [POLITICS]

While calling for defense of Constitution, SDP is supporting pro-constitutional revision DPJ candidates

July 5, 2007
Social Democratic Party President Fukushima Mizuho on July 2 expressed her determination to call for the defense of the Constitution in this House of Councilors election campaign, saying, “Whether or not we will be able to block constitutional revision largely depends on this election result.”

Coalition with DPJ in mind

Nevertheless, the SDP is promoting electoral cooperation throughout the country with the Democratic Party of Japan, a party that is pursuing revision of Article 9.

Fukushima even indicated the possibility for her party to establish a parliamentary coalition with the DPJ after this election. She stated, “This is an important issue affecting the party as a whole as well as the local party organizations. We may set up such a coalition only in the House of Councilors.”

This stance poses a serious contradiction with the SDP’s election pledge to defend the Constitution.

The SDP is supporting DPJ candidates in the Yamagata and Kagawa prefectural constituencies. In Akita, Toyama, Ehime, and Miyazaki prefectures, the SDP is supporting independent candidates jointly with the DPJ. But the candidate in Miyazaki is a former DPJ prefectural organization vice-head who decided to run for the election as an independent so as to receive the SDP’s support.

SDP supported ‘pro-Yasukuni’ candidates

In the 2005 general election, the SDP and DPJ also undertook election cooperation, and the SDP supported DPJ candidates in 14 constituencies.

Among those backed by the SDP at that time, there are three DPJ Dietmembers who are members of the Parliamentarians’ League for Promotion of Research on the Constitution, a pro-constitutional revision group.

The SDP even supported Tsutsui Nobutaka, a DPJ House of Representatives member who was blatantly calling for constitutional revision.

At a party attended by labor union officials supporting the SDP on June 26, Fukushima said, “Please call on voters, including LDP supporters and DPJ supporters, to vote for the SDP this time. The DPJ’s advance alone cannot block constitutional revision.”

While using “pro-Constitution” as its catchphrase, the SDP is in fact supporting candidates of the party working for constitutional revision. Thus, the SDP’s stance as a political party is called into question. - Akahata, July 5, 2007
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