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2013 September 11 - 17 TOP3 [WORLD]

International opinion reduces threat of possible military strike on Syria

September 16, 2013
A military action against Syria is expected to be avoided as the United States and the Russian Federation have reached an agreement on an international framework for the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons.

Akahata on September 16 reported that this outcome reflected public protests, which rapidly increased among such nations as the United States, against a unilateral intent to attack Syria. The U.S.-Russia agreement has significance because it paves the way to push Syria to eliminate its chemical weapons through diplomatic measures, not through military ones, Akahata pointed out.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on September 14 in Geneva announced that the two nations agreed to disarm Syria of its chemical weapons through internationally confirmed procedures by mid-2014.

The announced bilateral agreement, however, states that if the agreed procedure shows little progress, the UN will impose on Syria sanctions, including the possibility of military actions based on a UN Security Council resolution. The U.S. Secretary of State also said that it will maintain its option to take unilateral military action in case the agreed upon framework isn’t implemented.

The need now is to further increase people’s movements to put a stop to any unilateral move toward a military attack on Syria.

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo in his statement issued on August 30 pointed out that concerted international efforts to get Syria to abandon its chemical arsenal can solve this problem.

On the occasion of the meeting with the acting Syrian ambassador to Japan on September 11, Shii expressed his support for the Russian proposal calling on Syria to enter the Chemical Weapons Convention and give up its chemical weapons through international monitoring, saying, “The proposal indicates a direction to achieve a political solution to this problem.”

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