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2013 September 25 - October 1 [WORLD]

UN resolution on Syria refutes unilateralism of big powers

September 29, 2013
The United Nations Security Council on September 27 unanimously adopted a resolution obliging Syria to abandon its chemical weapons, showing a world trend deterring great powers from easily resorting to force.

This was the first UNSC resolution with binding power in regard to Syria since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in March 2011.

The Japanese Communist Party has been calling on the Syrian government through its embassy in Tokyo to participate in the Chemical Weapons Convention, turn over its chemical arsenal under UN supervision, and commence sincere negotiations toward peace between the parties concerned in the Syrian conflict.

The UN resolution marked a major change in the world from one month ago when the United States was about to initiate a unilateral strike on Syria.

The decision made at the UN Security Council this time indicates that international public opinion seeking a peaceful solution, not a military one, to the Syrian issue has a significant influence on international politics.

It is still a long way to go but diplomatic dialogues are the only way to bring about a settlement. The international community should work to explore solutions through diplomatic talks.

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