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2014 June 4 - 10 [US FORCES]

USMC allows Okinawan children to hold fake guns in open-base event

June 10, 2014
It has come to light that the U.S. Marine Corps in Okinawa provided local children with the experience of holding fake rifles in its annual open-gate festival at the Futenma air station in Ginowan City in the prefecture.

The yearly event opening the base to the public, called Flightline Festival, took place on June 7 and 8.

In a tent near the place exhibiting U.S. military aircraft, including an MV-22 Osprey and an F-15 fighter jet, visitors can wear helmets and bullet-proof vests as well as hold realistic firearms.

In this attraction, a local young child pointed a dummy rifle at a U.S. serviceman.

The tent displayed a sign reading, “Have fun with cool gadgets inside!”

Japanese Communist Party member of the Ginowan City Assembly Chinen Yoshio said, “Children tend to regard replica guns as toys. In Okinawa, where people are suffering from heavy U.S. base burdens, it is unacceptable to instill in children’s mind an image of wars that is like playing a game.”

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