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2016 February 10 - 16 [POLITICS]

Ministers’ frequent scandals represent arrogant anti-people Abe government

February 12, 2016

Akahata “current” column

Environment Minister Marukawa Tamayo said that the statutory annual radiation exposure limit of one mSv has “no scientific basis”. Minister in charge of Okinawa and Northern Territories issues Shimajiri Aiko could not even read the Chinese characters used to write Habomai Islands off Hokkaido which Japan claims as its territory. Their senseless and ignorant behavior has attracted media attention.

Marukawa and Shimajiri apologized before the press respectively, but at the same time showed an irresponsible stance as if their apology put an end to their scandals. This may be because Prime Minister Abe is still defending former Economy Minister Amari Akira although Amari failed to admit to his accountability for allegations concerning serious illegal acts, such as his acceptance of 500,000 yen in cash at the minister’s office as a reward for assistance provided to the donor.

Both Marukawa and Shimajiri were appointed by PM Abe as ministers in his third Cabinet in October 2015 under the guise of “female empowerment”. What role does the PM expect the two female ministers to play? He should take responsibility for these appointments.

When Marukawa served as Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare under the second Abe Cabinet, she appeared on a staffing agency’s newspaper advertisements in which she stated that the current prohibition in principle of the use of day laborers should be relaxed. The House of Councilors Labor Committee unanimously adopted a censure motion against her. Shimajiri is suspected of violating the Public Offices Election Law by having distributed to her supporters a calendar with her name and photo. The law prohibits politicians from donating goods/money to their constituents.

The two ministers’ latest scandals have not only provoked doubts regarding the Abe Cabinet ministers’ qualifications, but also shed light on the arrogance of the anti-people Abe administration which is ultimately responsible for those scandals.

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