Fuwa and Jiang Zemin hold talks (August 29)

Fuwa lectures on 'Lenin and the market economy' in Beijing (August 28)

Meeting with Chinese foreign minister (August 29)

Meeting with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences president (August 30)

Conversation with CPC International Department vice-head (August 30)

Visiting Chinese high-tech base (August 29)

Visiting Beijing's high tech district (August 30)

Fuwa returns from China (August 31)

JCP welcomes Koizumi's plan to hold talks with North Korea (September 3)

How extraordinary it is for Koizumi Cabinet to be counted on by U.S. -- Akahata editorial, August 29

Protests held against U.S. nuclear test (August 31)

Now is time to fundamentally change nuclear energy policy -- Akahata editorial, September 1

U.S. forces to send PCB-contaminated materials back to U.S. (August 29)

Court denies landowner's claim on his land in U.S. military base (August 30)

U.S. marine smuggles gun (August 30)

JCP member of parliament calls for protection of Okinawa's dugongs (September 2)

Okinawan legislature demands F-15s be grounded at Kadena (September 3)

Court says Japanese army waged germ warfare but rejects Chinese claim for compensation (August 30)

Local government workers convention focuses on efforts to protect residents services (August 29)

Court rules dismissals based on frame-up are invalid (August 30)

9,000 elderly people attend annual convention (September 3)

Nagano voters opt for 'no more dams' policy (September 2)

JCP wins a prefectural assembly seat in by-election (September 2)

JCP seeks to secure extra seats in Okinawa's local assemblies (September 2)

JCP local assembly members attend exchange meeting (August 31)

JCP leaders congratulate East Timor president (August 30)