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2020 Jun 17 - 23
2020 Jun 10 - 16
2020 Jun 03 - 09

2nd supplementary budget for coronavirus countermeasures enacted

The Japanese Communist Party voted against the 32 trillion yen budget which includes the reserve fund of 10 trillion yen on the grounds that the reserve fund is too large.

Shii in discussion on 2nd supplementary budget calls for increasing preparedness for renewed surge in COVID-19 cases

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo criticized government measures in the second supplementary budget draft as insufficient in terms of efforts to prepare for a potential second wave of coronavirus infections.

Opposition parties propose motion to recompile 2nd supplementary budget

Opposition parties, including the JCP, jointly introduced a motion to recompile the second supplementary budget draft in order to divert the funding needed for measures to support SMEs, healthcare services, and people's livelihoods.

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Zenroren: Minimum wage hike to 1,500 yen is essential for workers to survive coronavirus crisis

Union activists of the National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) and independent unions gat...
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