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2020 Nov 18 - 24
2020 Nov 11 - 17
2020 Nov 04 - 10

JCP votes for CDPJ leader in election of prime minister as gesture to further develop cooperation among opposition parties

The JCP for the first time in 22 years voted for the leader of another opposition party in the prime ministerial election. Prior to the election, the CDPJ leader asked for JCP cooperation by saying that he will do his best in collaboration with the JCP.

Civil Alliance issues written request to opposition parties to work together for regime change

The Civil Alliance working to abolish the national security-related legislation and restore constitutionalism published a 15-item request made to opposition parties with a change in government in mind.

JCP calls for unifying opposition candidates in close-run constituencies to challenge ruling-party rivals

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo at a news conference said, "With a focus on constituencies where opposition candidates and their ruling-party rivals are likely to confront each other, we opposition parties should jointly support candidates."

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Women's NGOs in Japan hold its quinquennial convention in Tokyo

Japan's liaison council of the International Women's Year which consists of 34 nationwide women's N...
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