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2018 April 11 - 17 [POLITICS]

JCP Takeda in Diet brings up ICAPP regarding Japan’s diplomacy

April 17, 2018
Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Councilors Takeda Ryosuke on April 11 put a spotlight on the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) in regard to points of view needed in Japan’s diplomacy.

On this day, the House Councilors International Economy and Foreign Affairs Research Committee called unsworn witnesses to hear their views on the government's foreign policy.

JCP Takeda questioned Professor Oba Mie of Tokyo University of Science, who specializes in international relations in the Asian region, about the ICAPP.

Professor Oba pointed out that collaboration between political parties makes it possible for them to work together going beyond various restrictions. “In this context, the ICAPP is an important framework under which political parties of the member countries exchange their knowledge and encourage each other to work for the promotion of democracy and human rights,” Oba added.

The JCP lawmaker also asked about what role Japan should play in such an international framework.

The professor in reply said, “To maintain a conventional bilateral approach and foreign strategy centering on the Japan-U.S. relations will make Japan’s entry into diplomacy harder. It is important for the Japanese government to engage actively and take a lead in a structure under which Asian countries discuss their issues voluntarily.”

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