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2018 July 25 - 31 TOP3 [POLITICS]

Okinawans support anti-base governor's decision

July 28, 2018

Several hundred Okinawans, after Governor Onaga Takeshi announced the repeal of a base-related landfill approval, massed at the plaza in front of the prefectural government office building on July 27 in order to express their support for the governor's decision.

Their calls "Hold on!" and "We'll be with you!" echoed through the building.

Legislators at local and national levels, including Lower House member Akamine Seiken of the Japanese Communist Party, Upper House member Itokazu Keiko of the Okinawa Whirlwind, and several local assemblypersons, were among the participants.

A 74-year-old woman from Tomigusuku City said, "I've been waiting for an official pronouncement of the nullification of the reclamation permit, and I knew in my heart that our governor would never betray us."

In front of the gate of U.S. Camp Schwab near the base construction site in Henoko, sit-in protesters in their tent village watched the press conference webcast on the Internet where Governor Onaga was declaring that he will rescind the approval. The protesters rejoiced together saying, "This is the decision we've long awaited!"

"The new phase in resistance has just begun today," "With the governor in the lead, let us keep up the fight," "Our 'never give up' position will help the governor keep standing firm on his position," and "Though we are in Henoko now, we feel strongly connected with our governor" were some of their responses.

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