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2018 August 1 - 7 [POLITICS]

PM Abe ignores Hibakusha’s demand for signing antinuke UN treaty

August 7, 2018

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo on August 6 expressed his unwillingness to sign and ratify the UN treaty banning nuclear weapons at a press conference held in Hiroshima after a meeting with seven Hibakusha organizations in the prefecture.

At the press conference, PM Abe said, “In order to create a world without nuclear weapons, the commitment of nuclear weapons states is essential. However, unfortunately, so far accepted no nuclear power has signed on.” Abe added that the Japanese government will not join the treaty.

In the annual meeting with the seven Hibakusha organizations, PM Abe showed his intent to ignore the antinuke UN convention.

Meanwhile, the seven groups in a written request which was handed to PM Abe stressed that to maintain support for nuclear deterrence will only lead to a path toward limitless nuclear buildup. They urged PM Abe to sign and ratify the UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.


PM in memorial ceremony for A-bomb victims says nothing about UN treaty

On the morning of this day marking the 73rd anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing, the Hiroshima City-hosted “Peace Memorial Ceremony” was held at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park with 50,000 people, including Hibakusha, bereaved families, and grass-roots activists, participating.

A message from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was delivered by UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Nakamitsu Izumi. In his message, the UN chief pointed to the antinuke UN treaty and said, “World leaders must return to dialogue and diplomacy, to a common path towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons and a safer and more secure world for all.”

Hiroshima City Mayor Matsui Kazumi read out the Peace Declaration and expressed his hope for the Japanese government to play a role in efforts to have the UN treaty ratified and adopted. The Hiroshima governor and Hiroshima City Assembly chair called for Japan to sign and ratify the treaty.

In contrast, PM Abe in his speech reiterated the government position to work as a bridge between nuclear weapons states and non-nuclear weapons states and said nothing about the nuclear weapons ban treaty.

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