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2018 September 12 - 18 [POLITICS]

Shii pledges full support for anti-base candidate in Okinawa governor race

September 14, 2018

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on September 13 held a press conference in the Diet building in regard to the Okinawa gubernatorial election slated for late this month and said that it will be a difficult battle and that the biggest campaign issue, the U.S base issue, is very clear and expressed his determination to achieve a victory of the anti-base candidate.

Tamaki Denny, the candidate succeeding the late Governor Onaga Takeshi's position on the issue, expressed his intent to "put a stop to the Henoko base construction by every possible means" while his rival Sakima Atsushi is attempting to avoid this issue.

Shii said, "During an open debate between Tamaki and Sakima, it became clear that Sakima is an advocate of the new base in Henoko," adding, "I know many Okinawans are opposed to the new base, so I hope they will entrust that their demands will be met by Tamaki."

Sakima is backed by the Liberal Democratic, Komei, "Ishin no Kai", and Hope parties. Core members of the central government visited Okinawa one after another even before the start of the election campaign was officially announced, applying pressure on their affiliated organizations and local business leaders to get out the votes.

Shii said, "A confrontational structure has also become clear. It is the PM Abe's camp versus 'All Okinawa' forces, and the 'All Okinawa' force is increasingly solidifying a bond that goes beyond the conventional boundary that exists between progressives and conservatives."

He expressed his determination to achieve Tamaki's victory in the Okinawa governor race by saying, "Local JCP bodies play a part in the 'All Okinawa' movement and the JCP as a whole will commit itself throughout Japan to Tamaki's success."

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