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2018 October 3 - 9 [POLITICS]

Anti-base candidate's victory in Okinawa governor race attracts overseas media attention

October 5, 2018
The victory of Tamaki Denny, an opponent of the construction of a U.S. base in Henoko, in the September 30 Okinawa gubernatorial election has attracted much attention from overseas, mainly U.S., media.

Following the election result, the British news agency Reuters wrote that anti-base candidate Tamaki defeated the pro-base rival "in a blow to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe".

A major U.S. broadcaster, CNN on October 1 reported, "The son of a US Marine has been elected governor of Okinawa after campaigning against Washington's military presence on the southern Japanese island", with footage showing Tamaki and his supporters expressing joy at the election victory.

The New York Times in its editorial on October 1 stated that although the U.S. military emphasizes the importance of maintaining their ability to respond quickly in the East China Sea, it "cannot come at the expense of an unfair, unwanted and often dangerous burden on Japan's poorest citizens". The U.S. newspaper called on Prime Minister Abe and the U.S. military to make efforts to find "equitable solutions".

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