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2019 January 30 - February 5 [POLITICS]

Opposition parties on televised program discuss how to beat LDP

January 30, 2019
Diet affairs committee chairpersons of four opposition parties, including the Japanese Communist Party, on the TBS news program "Hodo 1930" which aired on January 28 via satellite broadcast, discussed ways to fight against the Liberal Democratic Party.

Referring to a meeting between leaders of five opposition parties and one parliamentary group held prior to the opening of the ordinary session of the Diet, JCP Kokuta Keiji said that the party of six at the meeting had come to an agreement on the swift start of top-level negotiations to field joint candidates in all 32 single-seat constituencies in the Upper House election as well as to come up with common policies in order to bring down the Abe government.

In addition, Kokuta emphasized the importance of holding more in-depth discussions so as to make clear their common commitment to voters.

Tsujimoto Kiyomi of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan said, "Since last year, the six opposition parties have made concerted efforts in the Diet to confront the Abe regime. So, the first thing we must do is to endorse united opposition candidates to bring forth a one-on-one face-off in all single-member districts. How we can increase this cooperation will be a key issue for us."

Haraguchi Kazuhiro of the Democratic Party for the People said, "Together with the JCP, we should put aside ideological differences to come up with a vision for a new government. Our capacity to work together has come under the spotlight recently."

Mori Yuko of the Liberal Party said, "We already share the common ground of restoring constitutionalism and carrying out policies that defend basic human rights and enhance people's living standards. Next, we must iron out this agenda so that it will take shape."

A program MC asked if they have a goal in common. JCP Kokuta answered that it is restoration of constitutionalism and improvements in people's livelihoods. Specifically, he suggested that the opposition parties can agree on policies to oppose the consumption tax rate hike to 10% in October; oppose Japan's arms buildup involving the purchase of a large quantity of U.S.-made weapons and weapons systems; oppose the construction of a new U.S. base in Henoko in Okinawa's Nago City; and work to establish a Japan free of nuclear power generation.

All the attendees agreed with Kokuta, saying in response, "We have reached a consensus on our basic stance."
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