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2019 March 6 - 12 [POLITICS]

Double elections for governor and mayor will take place in Osaka

March 9, 2019

To facilitate the success of the "Osaka metropolis" scheme, double elections for governor and mayor will take place in Osaka on April 7, the same day as Osaka prefectural and city assemblies' elections.

Present Governor Matsui Ichiro, head of the "Osaka Ishin no Kai", and Osaka City Mayor Yoshimura Hirofumi, also an Ishin party executive, on March 8 submitted their resignations and expressed their intent to run in elections and switch their posts with the aim of gaining another 4-year tenure, respectively, in order to realize the creation of a metropolitan Osaka.

At the previous day's council meeting, Ishin yet again proposed a referendum in regard to the metropolis plan. However, its proposal was rejected by all the other parties, including Komei which was supposed to be a behind-the-scenes ally of Ishin.

After handing in their letters of resignation, Matsui and Yoshimura held a press conference at the Ishin head office and said, "Our metropolis plan is about to be dismissed" (Matsui) and "We want to ask Osakan voters on the plan" (Yoshimura).

The Ishin's vision for a metropolitan Osaka was defeated in a referendum four years ago.

The head of the Japanese Communist Party Osaka prefectural committee, Yanagi Toshiaki pointed out that the Osaka Ishin no Kai unsuccessfully maneuvered to go ahead with another referendum by making a secret agreement with the Komei Party behind the back of Osaka citizens.

He said that the Ishin, while seeking to push through its metropolis plan, is neglecting the need for a better local education system and promoting casino-centric IR (Integrated Resort) facilities in Osaka. In addition, the ruling party of Osaka has done almost nothing to reduce poverty, he added.

Yanagi then expressed his determination to confront the Ishin no Kai by saying, "The JCP will cooperate with as many people as possible, including conservatives, to put an end to the Ishin-controlled Osaka governance."

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