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2019 April 24 - May 7 [POLITICS]

Civil Alliance: we will start out consensus-building with opposition parties in preparation for summer election

April 24, 2019
The Civil Alliance working to have the so-called war laws abrogated and constitutionalism restored stated on April 22 that it will work on consensus-building on policies with constitutional opposition parties with a view to achieve a victory of concerned citizens united with opposition parties in the Upper House election slated for the coming summer.

The Civil Alliance on the same day published a statement following nationwide local elections and the Lower House by-elections held last Sunday, thanking again all citizens who strived hard to help constitutional candidates win.

The statement pointed out, "The people who had led the joint struggle of concerned citizens and constitutional opposition parties filed their candidacy, and a number of them actually won seats to have our demands heard by local assemblies."

The statement welcomed a sweeping victory of "All Okinawa" candidate Yara Tomohiro in the House of Representatives by-election in the Okinawa No.3 constituency and praised opposition candidate Miyamoto Takeshi for greatly contributing to the advance of cooperation among opposition parties in the House of Representatives Osaka No.12 district by-election.

The statement predicted that the summer's House of Councilors election "will be a showdown between the pro-constitutional camp and the anti-constitutional camps made up of the Liberal Democratic, Komei, and "Ishin no Kai" parties.

Pointing out, "Whether we can forge a grassroots-based coalition with opposition parties so as to attract voters who have lost trust in politics will be an important touchstone," the statement called on all concerned citizens to be ready for the fight in summer.

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