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2019 May 15 - 21 [POLITICS]

If gov’t buys 1 less F35, it can build nursery facilities for 4K children

May 16, 2019

The Abe government plans to purchase 105 U.S-made F-35 stealth fighters. If the government decides to buy one less, it can save enough money to build more public care facilities for preschool children and the elderly and promote installation of air conditioners at public schools.

In December last year, the Abe government gave in to U.S. pressure and promised to buy 63 F-35A fighters and 42 F-35B fighters from the U.S. According to Japan’s Defense Ministry, an F-35A is priced at 11.6 billion yen and the price tag on an F-35B has yet to be set.

Akahata estimated how much the use of 11.6 billion yen can improve social well-being.

What about the issue of the serious shortage of childcare centers? Data compiled by the incorporated administrative body Welfare and Medical Service Agency shows that the construction cost of a day nursery per child is 2.9 million yen. One less F-35A can contribute to constructing childcare centers for 4,000 children.

Concerning special nursing-care homes for the elderly, which are growingly important as Japan’s population is aging, the construction cost is 13 million yen per resident. By giving up on the purchase of only one F-35A, the government can provide 900 senior citizens with a quality nursing-care facility.

The summer heat seems to become more and more serious year after year, but many classrooms in public elementary and junior high schools have yet to be air conditioned. It costs 2.9 million yen to install an air conditioning system in a classroom, according to a survey by the Japanese Communist Party. This means that the expenditure of 11.6 billion yen can improve the learning environment of 4,000 classrooms.

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