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2019 July 17 - 23 [POLITICS]

JCP Vice Chair Tamura on BS news programs talks about JCP policy proposals

July 20, 2019
Japanese Communist Party Vice Chair Tamura Tomoko (House of Councilors) appeared on BS Nippon and BS-TBS news programs aired on July 18, and talked about JCP policy proposals concerning pensions, the consumption tax, the Constitution, and the economy.

On the BS Nippon "Shinsou NEWS", Tamura was asked what kind of nation the JCP wants Japan to be. Her response was, "The Constitution provides for various rights, including the right to work. Article 25 states, 'In all spheres of life, the State shall use its endeavors for the promotion and extension of social welfare and security, and of public health.' Our party wants Japan to adopt politics in line with this Constitution with the participation of all the people."

In order not to cut pension benefits, Tamura presented a JCP policy proposal to abolish the macroeconomic slide mechanism. In addition, to stabilize financial resources for the public pension system, she pointed to the need to review pension premium preferences on high-income earners, appropriately utilize the enormous amount of pension reserves, raise workers' wages, and facilitate access to the employees' pension scheme.

Regarding the Japanese economy, she proposed a review in the present preferential taxation on large corporations and the wealthy in order to stimulate personal consumption and restore the economy, adding that the consumption tax hike will not boost domestic demand.

However, she faced an objection that higher corporate taxes will give Japanese companies an excuse to relocate abroad.

Tamura in response pointed out that large Japanese corporations under the current corporate tax breaks do not pay tax on their dividends from their overseas subsidiaries, and that because of this, many large corporations conversely choose to have subsidiaries outside Japan. She then said, "The larger the companies are, the less their corporate taxes become. Our party does not demand a heavy tax burden on large corporations. We propose that they pay their fair share of taxes or at a minimum at the same rate as small- and medium-sized firms."

On the BS-TBS "Hodo 1930", Tamura said, "Consumer spending is still sluggish. If there is any benefit associated with Abenomics, it would be the amount of money hoarded in corporate internal reserves. Appropriate tax burdens on large corporations would help to improve people's lives."

As measures to improve the economy, Tamura said, "Together with a drastic increase in the minimum wage, direct support for small- and medium-sized enterprises so that they can raise wages for their workers is necessary. An hourly wage of 1,500 yen with an 8-hour work day amounts to a monthly income of 230,000 yen-250,000 yen. This amount corresponds to living expenses that are essential to live independently. Our party proposes that a minimum wage of 1,500 yen throughout the country, irrespective of prefecture, be something that Japan should aim for."

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