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2019 July 24 - 30 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

JCP Yamaguchi demands that governor retract landfill permit for Kaminoseki NPP

July 27, 2019
The Yamaguchi governor has granted the Chugoku Electric Power Company the permit it applied for to extend its license to reclaim land from the sea area for the planned construction of a Kaminoseki nuclear power plant.

Japanese Communist Party members of the Yamaguchi Prefectural Assembly and a representative of the JCP Yamaguchi Prefectural Committee on July 26 demanded that Governor Muraoka Tsugumasa reverse his decision and cancel the permit.

Faced with strong opposition from residents, there has been no move to even start the construction of the Kaminoseki complex.

The JCP in Yamaguchi criticized the governor's decision for going along with the business community tied to the nuclear energy industry and the Abe government which calls for the continued dependence on nuclear energy.

JCP assemblyperson Kisaki Daisuke said, "The governor should urge the electricity company to review the feasibility of the construction project from scratch."

Kawai Kiyo, vice chair of the JCP Yamaguchi Prefectural Committee, said, "Many people are concerned that the utility's landfill license may continue to be renewed again and again despite no clear prospect for the commencement of work."

On the same day, about 50 residents of Iwaishima island, which has a population of 500 and is located on the opposite side of the planned construction site, staged a protest action in front of the prefectural government office building. Since 1982, the islanders have been struggling against the planned nuclear facility project.

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