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2020 July 29 - August 4 [POLITICS]

JCP Takeda urges gov’t to rethink ‘Go To Travel’ subsidy program

July 31, 2020
Japanese Communist Party lawmaker Takeda Ryosuke on July 30 at a House of Councilors Land and Transport Committee meeting urged the government to rethink its “Go To Travel” campaign which is now underway amid a resurgence in COVID-19 infections.

Takeda pointed out that although the travel subsidy program was initially planned to start after the coronavirus situation is brought under control, the government launched the campaign this month. He noted that when the government decided on the early start of the campaign on July 10, the number of new cases was already on the rise. Takeda criticized Tourism Minister Akaba Kazuyuki as being inconsistent, by quoting Akaba as repeatedly saying that the best support for the tourism industry is to contain COVID-19 and that the government will take measures to stimulate tourism demand as soon as the coronavirus situation is brought under control.

Takeda asked the minister what criteria the government used when deciding on an early launch of the “Go To” campaign. In response, Akaba gave no satisfactory answer and objected to Takeda’s criticism by saying, “I don’t think there is inconsistency in my remarks. The ministry has implemented the program as planned within the framework of government decisions.”

Takeda argued that workers in the tourism industry are groping in the dark as, for example, there is no government-set manual or guidelines showing hotel workers what to do when a guest is found to have suspicious symptoms. He stressed, “To lower the consumption tax rate is what the tourism industry desperately needs. The government should drastically revise its support measures for the industry.”

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