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2009 March 25 - 31 [POLITICS]

JCP Shii calls for Diet discussion on scandal and dissolution of the Lower House for a general election

March 28, 2009
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on March 27 criticized the ruling parties for railroading through the FY 2009 budget and related bills using the force of majority in the House of Representatives, adding that the enacted measures are counterproductive to the country’s economic recovery.

Shii said, “The enacted budget measures offer little to help increase domestic demand and enable households to spend money, and instead pave the way for a consumption tax increase while giving large corporations and the wealthy more tax breaks.”

Shii said that the task now is for the Diet to conduct a thorough investigation to establish the truth behind the present scandal involving Nishimatsu Construction Co. and some influential politicians. He also said that the Diet should fulfill its political responsibility to protect the public from the economic downturn and the collapse of the job market.

He emphasized the need to “summon people allegedly involved in the Nishimatsu scandal to testify in the Diet as witnesses and to carry out intensive deliberations on the issue.”

He also called for the Diet to hold discussions regarding the key issue of “whether to rescue large corporations or rescue people’s livelihoods from the present economic downturn.”

Referring to the present mass layoffs of temporary workers at many companies, he added, “It is important to call Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren) officials and other business leaders to the Diet so that large corporations can be called upon to fulfill their social responsibilities.”

Shii said that the Budget Committee of the two chambers of the parliament should conduct intensive deliberations and summon people involved in the scandal and the job market collapse to testify. After the point at issue becomes clear in the course of discussions, the prime minister should dissolve the House of Representatives for a general election.
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