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2008 October 15 - 21 [POLITICS]

Political parties (except JCP) receive 8 billion yen in government subsidies

October 21, 2008
As political parties are anticipating a snap House of Representatives general election, all parties in the Diet, except the Japanese Communist Party, received tax money allocations under the name of “political party subsidies” in this year’s third installment, which can be used to finance their election campaigns.

On October 20, a total of eight billion yen (about 78 million US dollars) in government subsidies was distributed to political parties with seats in the Diet. The Liberal Democratic Party received 3.96 billion yen, the Democratic Party of Japan 3 billion yen, the Komei Party 682 million yen, the Social Democratic 225 million yen, the People’s New Party 95 million yen, and the New Party Nippon 50 million yen.

The total amount of 23.955 billion yen (about 235 million US dollars) in government subsidies for 2008 is paid in installments in April, July, October, and December.

Each party receives the government subsidy according to their voting strength in Diet elections and the percentage of their seats in the Diet.

The JCP has been calling for this subsidy system to be abolished because it distributes tax money without regard for which parties tax payers are supporting in violation of the freedom of thought and conscience. The JCP refuses to accept government subsidies.
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