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2008 May 28 - June 3 [LABOR]

JCP Shii holds talks with union leaders over revision of the Worker Dispatch Law

May 28, 2008
Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo on May 27 visited the National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren) and the Temporary Workers’ Union to exchange views with their respective officials on ways to increase the movement calling for drastic changes in the Worker Dispatch Law into a temporary workers’ protection law.

At the Zenroren office, he met with its President Ban’nai Mitsuo and Secretary General Odagawa Yoshikazu, and explained that the JCP and three other opposition parties agreed to discuss revision of the Worker Dispatch Law.

Shii said, “During the rest of the current Diet session, the JCP will contribute to drawing up a bill based on the existing plans that have been put forward by opposition parties. We will work to create a momentum for advancing to the next step toward the law’s drastic revision.”

Zenroren officials explained that 51 Diet members of various parties have agreed to introduce the petition demanding a raise in the minimum wage and prohibition of “on-call temporary staff services” to the Diet. They also said Zenroren will hold a rally for a drastic revision of the Worker Dispatch Law in June.

At the Temporary Workers’ Union, Shii said to the union’s secretary general, Sekine Shuichiro, “Moves are emerging to restrict the use of temporary workers instead of allowing it to increase. I want to ask for your help to further develop the movement to get the Workers Dispatch Law revised.”

They exchanged views about the importance of regulating large corporations’ practices disregarding the labor laws and about cooperation by political parties, unions, and other organizations.
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