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2015 February 4 - 10 TOP3 [LABOR]

JCP Kira urges gov’t to crack down on ‘black corporations’

February 7, 2015
Japanese Communist Party lawmaker Kira Yoshiko on February 6 urged the government to crack down on abusive labor practices by so-called “black corporations”.

At an Upper House Audit Committee session, Kira pointed to the fact that the Japanese restaurant chain “Nakau”, operated by Zensho Holdings, bans part-time student workers from punching their time cards until they finish changing into their uniforms and reciting the chain’s monthly goal and business philosophy.

Labor Minister Shiozaki Yasuhisa promised to warn the company over that issue, saying that it should be taken for granted that employees punch in right after they come in to work.

Kira went on to refer to the fact that Zensho’s beef bowl restaurant chain, “Sukiya”, had ignored correction orders from the Labor Standards Inspection Office more than 100 times from 2012 to 2013, including an order to pay due overtime to its employees. She demanded that the labor authorities reveal the names of malicious companies like Zensho.

In response to Kira, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo acknowledged the need to implement tougher measures against highly exploitative firms, including imposing judicial punishments. Shiozaki said, “The points you have raised are important.”

Kira also condemned the government’s bill to amend the Worker Dispatch Law to exempt companies using temporary workers from the legal requirement to offer direct employment to the temps who continue working beyond a specified period of time. She urged the administration to stop pushing the measure to the Diet, saying, “This bill will throw many young contingent workers into despair.”

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