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2015 June 10 - 16 [POLITICS]

Abe should withdraw war bills: former Speaker of the House

June 10, 2015
Former Speaker of Japan’s House of Representatives Kono Yohei made a speech on June 9 at the Japan National Press Club in Tokyo, stating that the Abe government should retract its war legislation-related bills.

Referring to Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s intent to have the bills passed during the current Diet session, he said, “It is outrageous.”

Kono also criticized Abe and his administration for proposing measures involved in 10 separate laws as a single set and making a pledge to Washington to enact them by summer. “Such a rough manner cannot gain public understanding,” he added.

Regarding the government claim that its war legislation will not significantly increase the possibility that members of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces may be killed in their missions abroad, Kono noted that that argument is totally groundless.

In May 1993, when Kono served as spokesperson for the then Miyazawa Cabinet, a Japanese policeman dispatched to Cambodia as a member of the PKO unit was killed in a guerrilla attack. “We shoulder the heavy responsibility of sending him there. Thinking of his family, I am still choked up,” he said.

Kono highlighted the need for the government to step up diplomatic efforts to ensure national security in accordance with the pacifist Constitution of Japan.

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