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2015 June 10 - 16 [POLITICS]

JCP Miyamoto checkmates Defense Minister in Diet discussions over collective self-defense right

June 11, 2015
Defense Minister Nakatani Gen was unable to answer questions asked by Japanese Communist Party representative Miyamoto Toru regarding Japan’s possible use of the collective self-defense right at a meeting of the House of Representatives Special Committee on June 10.

JCP Miyamoto took up the government’s argument that if a situation poses a threat to Japan’s existence, Japan will be allowed to use its collective self-defense right. He requested the defense minister to give a typical example of such a situation by saying, “If you know any nation in the world whose existence has ever been threatened as a result of military attacks to its ally, can you give us the name of that nation?”

Upset by the question from Miyamoto, Nakatani said, “I will answer your question after conducting thorough research.”

The government in 1972 adopted a position denying Japan’s exercise of the collective self-defense right. The JCP representative pointed to the fact that in the on-going Diet deliberations on the war bills, the government cites a drastic change in the security environment around Japan as a major reason for allowing Japan to exercise the collective self-defense right. He grilled the defense minister, “Could you explain why and when the security environment has drastically changed?”

Nakahtani was again unable to respond to Miyamoto.

“You made no proper response to my questions. This shows that the proposed war bills have no legitimate basis,” Miyamoto said to the defense minister.

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