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2016 March 30 - April 5 [POLITICS]

LDP members’ human rights awareness is called into question

April 2, 2016
Akahata ‘current’ column

Non-fiction writer Hosaka Masayasu, who compiled a collection of abusive language used by postwar Japanese politicians, states that they generally fall into six areas: regarding historical interpretation; sexual discrimination; lacking ethical sense; having no basis in fact; based on complete ignorance; and stemming from an ideological confrontation. The writer goes on to note that another category of “asocial, passionate remarks” has appeared since the period of the Koizumi administration in the first decade of the 2000s.

The era in which conservative politicians repeatedly make such remarks reflects an imbalanced Japanese society. Hosaka also points out that the emergence of abusive and improper language gives the general public a chance to increase academic knowledge and social awareness.

Abusive language used by members of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party continues unabated. An LDP candidate in the coming Upper House election, Yamada Hiroshi, condemned as “graffiti” a complaint posted on a blog by a mother whose child was recently refused admission to a day nursery. Putting aside the administrative responsibility to provide appropriate childcare services, Yamada directed his criticism at young parents, saying, “What about your responsibility for having children in the first place?”

Meanwhile, when a Japanese Communist Party member of the Sapporo City Assembly spoke in support of a resolution calling for the abolition of the unconstitutional national security legislation, an LDP assembly person jeered at her, saying, “You’d better go to have a psychiatric evaluation!”

Such abuse is common under the Abe regime which is always throwing its weight around and making light of the opinions and actions of others. Along with inattention and arrogance, they represent those politicians’ ignoble character and lack of sensitivity to human rights. This shows that the LDP itself is deteriorating.

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