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2024 Feb 07 - 13
2024 Jan 31 - Feb 06
2024 Jan 24 - 30

JCP Central Committee puts draft 29th Congress Resolution to all-party discission

The Japanese Communist Party Central Committee at its 10th Plenum unanimously adopted the draft Resolution for the 29th Congress. Plenum participants pledged to improve the draft Resolution through an all-party discussion.

Shii to Foreign Minister: Japan demands that Israel abide by UNSC resolution

Japanese Communist Party Chair Shii Kazuo met with Foreign Minister Kamikawa Yoko and demanded that the Japanese government urgently take action to help bring Israel's attacks on Gaza to a halt and achieve an immediate ceasefire.

Town meeting held between JCP Chair Shii and young people

Japanese Community Party Chair Shii Kazuo, at a town meeting with young people, answered questions raised by them about various issues such as the situation in Gaza, school tuition fees, gender equality, and the future of Japan.

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Japanese youth hold demos nationwide against genocide in Gaza

Japanese youth held demos at various locations across Japan against Israel’s threat to launch a f...
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