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Min-iren hospitals and clinics are medical institutions for working people, providing kind and good medical care in the interests of patients, and join efforts to protect the lives and health of working people. Min-iren always respects academic freedom, study the latest achievements of medicine, promote international exchanges, and endeavor constantly to improve and develop medical care. Min-iren defends the livelihood and rights of the staff, democratize management, strengthen cooperation with the people of the community and workplaces and push ahead with the movement to protect health. Min-iren struggles for the establishment of a comprehensive social security system with the State and capitalists bearing all costs, and to democratize the whole medical system. Min-iren opposes the policy of war, which destroys lives and health of humankind. In order to realize these goals, Min-iren builds up our solidarity, united the medical front, and carry on activities in cooperation with all democratic forces which aim at independence, democracy, peace, neutrality and improvement of living.

Minamata disease

It was caused by organic mercury in waste water discharged from a Chisso Corp. plant into Minamata Bay during the 1950s and 60s. It has killed hundreds of people, disabled thousands, and produced many birth defects in Kumamoto's Minamata City.

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