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 2021 Peace March assembles in Nagasaki (August 7, 2021)
 Shii attends NGO-hosted forum regarding UN treaty banning nuclear weapons (August 6, 2021)
 US civilian attached to US military in Okinawa arrested for attempted rape (August 5, 2021)
 Shii on JCP 99th founding anniv. speaks on JCP’s efforts to reduce people’s hardships amid pandemic (August 5, 2021)
 PM Suga has no sense of crisis in regard to Tokyo’s healthcare system at brink of collapse (August 4, 2021)
 JCP demands increase in state subsidies to national universities (August 4, 2021)
 2021 antinuke World Conference kicks off with online International Meeting (August 3, 2021)
 2021 World Conference against A & H Bombs organizers publish statement (August 3, 2021)
 Int'l community should urgently unite to deal with situation in Myanmar (August 2, 2021)
 Expansion of COVID state of emergency indicates PM Suga’s lack of sense of crisis[Editorial] (August 1, 2021)
 JCP in Miyazaki urges governor to order halt to flights of US military aircraft without flight notification (July 31, 2021)
  Osaka City's refusal to hold talks with city workers' union ruled unfair labor practice  (July 30, 2021)
 Anti-war/peace advocacy Nobel laureate Masukawa dies (July 30, 2021)
 Olympic bus drivers overworked and unappreciated (July 29, 2021)
 Yet another accident involving USMC helicopter (July 28, 2021)
 JCP Dietmembers talk with int'l NGO on gender equal ODA (July 28, 2021)
 Okinawa Prefectural Assembly unanimously resolves to protest against US military’s container drop accident (July 22 & 27, 2021)
 Gov't gives up on appealing 'black rain' court ruling (July 27, 2021)
 Okinawa’s forest tainted with massive amounts of US military-related trash to become World Heritage site (July 27, 2021)
 Akahata TV & radio editor in chief: Should TV news continue to cover only Olympics amid COVID-19? (July 26, 2021)
 Akahata political editor in chief: Tokyo Games should be stopped immediately to protect people’s lives (July 25, 2021)
 Akahata sports editor in chief: Fundamental principles and cause of Olympics buried (July 24, 2021)
 Shii issues statement regarding Tokyo Olympic Games (July 23, 2021)
 Prospects of national stadium's profitability after Olympics are gloomy (July 21, 2021)
 Annual convention of medical workers’ union calls for policies that safeguard people’s lives (July 21, 2021)
 JCP protests against DPP leader’s remark describing JCP as totalitarian (July 17&20, 2021)
 Ex-foreign minister at lawyers' symposium criticizes reliance on nuclear deterrence (July 20, 2021)
 Despite record increase proposed, minimum wage well below 1,500 yen demand (July 15 & 17, 2021)
 Plaintiffs in 'black rain' suit demand that gov't not appeal court ruling (July 16 & 17, 2021)
 2021 antinuke World Conference takes 1st step toward achieving nuclear weapons-free world by using TPNW as leverage: Japan Gensuikyo secretary general (July 17, 2021)
 VFP in Okinawa opposes use of sand that includes remains of Okinawa Battle victims to build a new US base (July 16, 2021)
 Okinawa JCP protests against yet another container drop accident by US military helicopter (July 16, 2021)
 Tax revenue from sales tax reaches 21 trillion yen in FY2020 while that from corporate taxes decreases (July 15, 2021)
 Hiroshima court again recognizes 84 radioactive ‘black rain’ victims as atomic bomb sufferers (July 15, 2021)
 2021 defense white paper intends to use Taiwan issue to enhance Japan-US military cooperation[Editorial] (July 14, 2021)
 Global nurses' unions send PM Suga and IOC letter calling for rescheduling of Tokyo Olympics (July 13, 2021)
 14 JCP candidates win in 4 city assembly elections (July 13, 2021)
 Summer Games to be held 'without spectators' in Hokkaido and Fukushima (July 11, 2021)
 Olympic Games in Tokyo areas will be held without spectators including schoolchildren (July 10, 2021)
 JCP assemblyperson in Okinawa speaks about Henoko’s anti-base protests at international meeting against military bases (July 10, 2021)
 Tokyo Olympics will be held under state of emergency (July 9, 2021)
 Aomori JCP protests against US Osprey low-altitude flight drills over longline fishery lake (July 7 & 9, 2021)
 Teachers at Yamaha English Academy become company employees (July 8, 2021)
 Zenroren calls on JCP to work with other opposition parties to realize a government supportive of workers’ demands (July 7, 2021)
 July 7 marks 4th anniversary of TPNW[Editorial] (July 7, 2021)
 JCP’s call for cancelling Summer Games gains voter support in Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election (July 6, 2021)
 Opposition parties' joint struggles yield results in 12 districts in Metropolitan Assembly election (July 6, 2021)
 Teachers’ unions issue appeal calling for cancellation of mobilization of schoolchildren to attend Summer Games (July 3, 2021)
 Shii on Twitter challenges CPC leader’s ‘oppose hegemony and power politics’ remark (July 3, 2021)
 US serviceman assigned to Yokosuka base arrested for drunk driving (July 2, 2021)

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