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2022 January 26 - February 1 TOP3 [WORLD]

Year after coup, let us strengthen solidarity with Burmese people!

January 31, 2021

Akahata editorial (excerpts)

February 1 marks the first year after the Myanmar military staged a coup. A human-rights organization said that a total of about 1,500 citizens have been killed by shots fired against peaceful demonstrations or while under arrest, and that more than 10,000 citizens in total have been arrested as of the end of January.

Burmese people, however, continue with their resistance. On December 10 last year, a "silent strike" took place nationwide. Reportedly, the people disappeared from the streets of the capital and major cities on that day. According to news reports, by taking unguarded moments as a chance to protest, people often organize demonstrations and beat pans and pots at night to express their resistance to the military crackdown. The National League of Democracy (NLD), pro-democracy forces, and minority politicians through the National Unity Government (NUG) continue fighting for the collapse of the military dictatorship.

The Myanmar military charged State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, the NLD leader, and President Win Myint with crimes against the state. A military-controlled special court unfairly gave prison sentences to them. Their court trials were completely closed to the public and cannot be regarded as fair trials. The Myanmar military announced that it will disband the NLD and conduct a general election in 2023. The international community will not support such acts.

ASEAN countries demand that the Myanmar military immediately stop the violence, hold constructive dialogue with all parties concerned, accept mediation by a special envoy, and yield to two more ASEAN suggestions to settle the situation. The ASEAN states did not allow a Myanmar junta leader, who had refused to accept these suggestions, to attend the ASEAN meeting last October. The Myanmar military should halt its violent crackdowns and embark on a path toward a peaceful resolution to the situation without delay.

In order to address the current situation in Myanmar, it is necessary for the international community to diplomatically apply pressure on the Myanmar military. The United States and several European nations are imposing economic sanctions, including business suspensions with Myanmar's military-controlled companies and freezes on their assets.

The Japanese government after the coup d'etat suspended new ODA projects while taking a wait-and-see stance regarding the ongoing ODA projects. To continue pouring public funds into the ODA projects benefitting the military-controlled companies in Myanmar is equivalent to giving a helping hand to the suppression of the basic human rights of Burmese people by the military authorities. Japan bears responsibility for having extended the largest amount of economic assistance to Myanmar and therefore should support the people's desperate struggle.

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