2002 MAY 22 - MAY 28 JPS NEWS

Okinawans observe 30th anniversary on their own (May 27)

National organization of small traders and producers holds general assembly (May 28)

Let's block the way to war with people's united opposition -- Akahata editorial, May 26 (excerpts)

Rengo to block passage of wartime bills (May 28)

'Use of nuclear weapons is not unconstitutional': vice-chief cabinet secretary (May 28)

Part-timers at beef restaurant get right to use paid holidays (May 27)

Ruling parties rush to enact wartime bills (May 22)

A law allowing Japan to go to war -- Akahata editorial, May 22

Four opposition party leaders call for thorough discussion of contingency bills (May 28)

Over 40,000 people rally to stop wartime legislation (May 25)

Shii: Enacting bills allowing use of force abroad and suppressing rights is intolerable (May 23)

Four opposition parties agree on urging Koizumi Cabinet to resign (May 24)

388 municipal heads reject immediate enactment of wartime laws (May 25)

Prosecutors search Dietman Suzuki's home (May 24)

Opposition parties hold meeting to foil media control bills (May 25)

Official recognition of death and disease from overwork hits record high (May 24)

First official recognition of karoshi under new standard (May 25)

Citizens' summit held to develop regional economies (May 22)

It's good to hear 5 N.Koreans' exodus to South: JCP Shii (May 23)

Shii meets with new Hong Kong economic representative in Tokyo (May 24)