Non-confidence motion against Koizumi (July 30)

Defense official: 'Wartime bills were defeated by Akahata' (July 29)

Privatization of postal services can't be a 'reform' -- Akahata editorial, July 29 (excerpts)

20,000 women discuss peace, human rights: Japan Mothers' Congress (July 29)

Mitsui admits its fault in miners' lung disease lawsuits (July 30)

For success of 2002 World Confe rence against A and H Bombs -- Akahata editorial, July 28 (July 29)

Government approves basic plan on constructing state-of-the-art U.S. military base at Nago (July 30)

Japan must not be used as forward base in U.S. wars against terrorism -- Akahata editorial, July 30

Damages could have been prevented -- Akahata column 'Current,' July 24

JCP backs anti-dam Tanaka in Nagano gubernatorial race (July 25)

JCP Int'l Bureau chief visits Egyptian ambassador (July 26)

Ukrainian Ambassador visits JCP Chair (July 26)

For more lively Zenroren actions (July 27)

JCP sends message to the SACP 11th congress (July 26)

Association for Non-nuclear Government representatives meet with foreign minister (July 27)

Panel proposes no raise in minimum wages (July 27)

1,000 protesters stage sit in under burning sun (July 24)

Diet starts discussion on bill urging government to take responsibility for military 'comfort women' issue (July 24)

JCP Ogata elected vice chair of Parliamentarians League for exchange with ASEAN (July 25)

Suicides owing to economic distress and living difficulties are increasing (July 25)

NTT worker gets company order of transfer cancelled (July 26)

Government and ruling parties aim to keep contingency bills for next session (July 24)

Zenroren holds regular convention (July 25)

Nago City Assembly demands U.S. stop shooting drills (July 26)

New medical bill requiring 1.5 trillion yen extra burden bulldozed through (July 27)