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2021 Jul 07 - 13
2021 Jun 30 - Jul 06
2021 Jun 23 - 29

JCP Kurabayashi protests against top court ruling recognizing that imposition of the mandatory common surname is 'constitutional'

On a special appeal involving three couples in a de facto state of marriage, the Supreme Court's Grand Bench decided that Civil Code and Family Register Act provisions that reject the notification of dual-surname marriages "do not violate the Constitution". JCP Kurabayashi published a protest statement against this top court decision.


44-year-old nuclear reactor becomes 1st aging reactor to be restarted

Kansai Electric Power Company recently reactivated the 44-year-old No.3 reactor at its Mihama nuclear power plant. The offline reactor whose operation life span of 40 years was brought online for the first time since the relevant law was revised in 2012.

Women candidates for Metropolitan Assembly race account for 58.6% in JCP while only 15% in LDP

The number of women candidates running on the JCP ticket for the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election totals 18 out of 31 candidates, accounting for 58.6%, while 15% and 13% of candidates are women in the LDP and Komei, respectively.

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VFP in Okinawa opposes use of soil from 'killing zone' in Battle of Okinawa for Henoko base project

The Veterans For Peace in Ryukyu/Okinawa Chapter International announced that it presented a draft ...
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