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2021 Jul 07 - 13
2021 Jun 30 - Jul 06
2021 Jun 23 - 29

JCP’s call for cancelling Summer Games gains voter support in Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election

In the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election on July 4, the Japanese Communist Party increased its seats to 19. Chair Shii Kazuo pointed out that this outcome represents Tokyo citizens’ sentiments against the holding of the Olympics this month.

Opposition parties' joint struggles yield results in 12 districts in Metropolitan Assembly election

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo expressed his determination to make the best use of this achievement to further develop the joint struggles of opposition parties with concerned citizens in order to gain success in the upcoming general election.

Shii comments on 100th founding anniversary of China’s communist party

JCP Chair Shii Kazuo pointed out, “The Chinese party conducting hegemonic acts in the East China Sea and South China Sea as well as human-rights suppression in Hong Kong and Xinjiang Uyghur is not worthy of calling itself as a ‘communist party’.”

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VFP in Okinawa opposes use of soil from 'killing zone' in Battle of Okinawa for Henoko base project

The Veterans For Peace in Ryukyu/Okinawa Chapter International announced that it presented a draft ...
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